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Our goal is to make you smile!
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Dentipalma Dental Clinic Palma de Mallorca

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Our goal is to make you smile!

Dental Clinic Dentipalma is located in Palma de Mallorca. We provide all our customers with the most personalised service and highly skilled professionals, who will solve all your questions and offer quality solutions for all of our Dental Health Specialities.

Our team of Dentists and Hygienists are constantly trained in Courses and Seminars, in order to learn state of the art tecniques which can bring the best attention and results to your dental problems. You will always be in the best hands!

In Dental Clinic Dentipalma we are caracterised by carrying out a strict control of our treatments and having first class equipment and supplies. This all allows us to provide you with high quality service and attention. Our Specialities are: Aesthetic Dentistry | Conservative Dentistry  | Endodontics| Dental Implants | Pediatric Dentistry | Periodontics | Orthodontics

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In Dental Clinic Dentipalma: Our goal is to make you smile!
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Aesthetic Dentistry - Dentipalma Palma de Mallorca

Aesthetic Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry - Dentipalma Palma de Mallorca

Conservative Dentistry

Periodontics - Dentipalma Palma de Mallorca


Pediatric Dentistry - Dentipalma Palma de Mallorca

Pediatric Dentistry

Endodontics - Dentipalma Palma de Mallorca


Orthodontics - Dentipalma Palma de Mallorca


Dental Implants - Dentipalma Palma de Mallorca

Dental Implants

Our customers’ opinion

I highly recommend Clínica Dentipalma. Not only the treatment is efficent and professional, but the attention is warm and human. Prices are also convenient.

Fabio Cruz

I had a very nice experience, from the recepcionist’s welcome to the dentist’s service. Close and kind attention.

Mariel Moyano

They took care of my children in a wonderful way, and gave us all sort of details and personalised service. They’re excellent!

Family Garcia

They are like a family, they are nice, professional and loving.

Manuela Labella